lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

GN’R – Las frases

Las letras de Guns N’ Roses, la mayoría escritas por Axl Rose e Izzy Straddlin, son tan emotivas… tan sarcásticas… tan rebeldes… e inclusive, tan románticas. De una escupida y sangronada, pasan a una frase para enamorar a cualquiera, suave como pétalo de rosa… y a esta le sigue un putazo de crítica personal o social. Son divertidos los jovencillos.

Comparto algunas de las que se me vienen a la mente, no son mis favoritas absolutas, pero son (como dirían mis amigas de RRPP) un top of mind.

You know... just like a hooker she said / “Nothin's for free” / Oh I tried to see it your way.- 14 Years.

Sometimes these women are so easy / Sometimes these women are so cold / Sometimes these women seem to rip you right in two / Only if you let 'em get to you.- Dust n’ bones.

An "It's so easy" to be social / "It's so easy" to be cool / Yeah it's easy to be hungry / When you ain't got shit to lose.- Coma.

Well I jumped into the river / Too many times to make it home / I'm out here on my own, an drifting all alone / If it doesn't show give it time / To read between the lines.- Estranged.

I got a Molotov cocktail with a match to go / I smoke my cigarette with style / An I can tell you honey you can make my money tonight. – Nightrain.

No one ever told me when I was alone / They just thought I'd know better, better.- Better.

Well some say I'm lazy / And others say that's just me / Some say I'm crazy / I guess I'll always be.- One in a million.

Look in the doubt we've wallowed / Look at the leaders we've followed / Look at the lies we've swallowed / And I don't want to hear no more.- Civil War.

Forgive that they teared down my soul / Bless them that they might grow old / A dream that´s forgotten may know / That it´s never too late.- Madagascar.

Turn around bitch I got a use for you / Besides you ain't got nothin' better to do / And I'm bored.- It’s so easy.

I sit here on the stairs / 'Cause I'd rather be alone / If I can't have you right now / I'll wait, dear.- Patience.

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